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No single approach works for everyone when it comes to alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside. Substance use disorders affect each individual differently. Therefore, the treatment offered should be unique to the patient for successful recovery. When looking for treatment, it’s advisable to avoid Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers that don’t use an individualized approach. In such facilities, you’ll end up in a general program that doesn’t pay enough attention to your personal struggles.

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we’re a leading Riverside rehab center, and for good reason. We understand every person is different and, as such, develop a highly individualized treatment plan for each client. We’ve provided substance abuse services in Riverside, California, for over 30 years, and this approach has proven to be highly successful.

Why and How We Custom Tailor Substance Abuse Treatment

Some of the reasons people start using alcohol or drugs include:

  • Peer pressure
  • Work frustrations
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental illness
  • Physical pain
  • Rebellion
  • For fun

When the drug or alcohol habit turns into an addiction, it’s important to address the motivation behind the use. For instance, it’s difficult to get someone to quit alcohol or drugs for good if you’ve not helped them deal with the frustrations or trauma that caused their substance use. As a result, while they may stop using for a while, they’re likely to use alcohol or drugs again because they haven’t developed alternative coping mechanisms. That is why at Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we insist on a customized treatment plan for each individual to uncover the underlying cause of the addiction.

Besides addressing the root cause of drug or alcohol use, we also acknowledge that one treatment program might work for one person but not the other. As such, we recommend programs that our guests are absolutely comfortable with to ensure they remain committed to their recovery.

How We Customize Substance Abuse Treatment

When you come to us, we’ll closely assess your condition, medical history, and needs in order to create a treatment plan that works perfectly for you. Some of the details about your condition that are essential to coming up with individualized addiction treatment in Riverside, CA are:

  • The extent of your addiction
  • How long you’ve been using drugs or alcohol
  • The type of substance you’re using
  • Underlying issues that fuel your substance use disorder
  • Other health issues you’re dealing with, including mental health disorders
  • Whether you’ve tried recovery before unsuccessfully

The severity of your addiction determines the treatment program you’ll require. For example, if you have a serious addiction, our partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program are good options. But for a mild addiction, you can attain sobriety through an outpatient program. Your length of substance use and the kind of substance also factor into deciding how intense your treatment will be.

Further, underlying issues and existing mental health illnesses help us identify the ideal therapies and support groups for you. If you’ve been in treatment before unsuccessfully, we’ll consider what treatments worked well for you and which ones we should exclude.

Treatment Tailored for You

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we strive to be the best Riverside drug rehab you can count on for your successful recovery. The team at our Riverside rehab center will evaluate you to determine the finest treatment program for you, in addition to supporting you throughout your sobriety journey. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now: https://solidgroundwellness.com/contact-us/.

Riverside Rehab Center