Are you struggling with an opiate addiction condition? We offer the best opiate detox in San Francisco at Heartwood. We offer professional and compassionate care to our patients in a serene, calming, and relaxing treatment facility.

Dangers of opiate addiction

Opioid abuse can have several damaging long-term side effects on individuals. This includes irreversible damage to the body’s vital organs, psychological issues, anxiety, depression, impaired cognitive abilities, etc. Individuals with a moderate to severe addiction problem can suffer from vein damage (intravenous use), emotional instability, insomnia, and liver damage.

Also, those who snort or inject opioids can experience an immediate “rush,” which can at times lead to life-threatening complications like respiratory failure and overdose. Besides the fact that they are dangerously addictive, opioids can suppress breathing and cause death.

What is opiate withdrawal?

Several prescription drugs fall under Opiates or “opiate painkillers.” Drugs like codeine, Dilaudid, tramadol, etc., fall under the category opiates and puts individuals at a higher risk of forming a physical dependence when they take it in larger doses or for longer periods. Eventually, individuals can no longer feel normal or function properly without the drug. Trying to quit the drug “cold turkey” can produce several uncomfortable and painful symptoms, and in some cases, the symptoms can be dangerous.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms occur when you quit the drug cold turkey or reduce the amount of drug intake. While some people get away with simple flu-like withdrawal symptoms, they can still cause tremendous physical and psychological distress. We offer the best opiate detox in San Francisco that helps reduce the intensity of symptoms and helps patients attain a safe and effective recovery.

What happens in opiate detox?

Medical detox is the process of removing toxic remains from your body caused by long-term drug or alcohol addiction. During the procedure, a licensed physician will prescribe medications to prepare your body and mind to overcome the opiate withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. Your doctor will follow a customized detox plan based on your unique addiction circumstance, and gradually taper down the dosage of these medications.

Detox can help you overcome the acute withdrawal symptoms safely. However, you may continue certain prescription medications to help you manage pain, cravings, and psychological symptoms. To detox from opiate addiction, your doctor will prescribe medication such as Clonidine, Methadone, and Buprenorphine. While Clonidine suppresses withdrawal symptoms, controls blood pressure, reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress, Methadone and buprenorphine mimics the full effects of stronger opiates and helps decrease opioid cravings.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms

Some of the common withdrawal symptoms that individuals experience within 24 hours after their last dose include agitation, anxiety, muscle spasm, insomnia, runny nose, and abdominal cramps. Individuals will an extensive drug abuse problem may suffer from more severe physical and psychological symptoms.

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