If you require immediate medically assisted detox in San Francisco, we’re here to help you. At Heartwood House Detox, we have developed a unique treatment program that has changed numerous lives so far and continues to do so daily.

Our medically assisted detox program is designed to help individuals safely and comfortably overcome withdrawal symptoms while preparing them for the next phase of their recovery journey. Our team of medical professionals and addiction specialists work together to provide personalized care and support to each patient, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment.

At Heartwood House Detox, we understand that addiction is a complex disease that affects individuals both physically and emotionally. That’s why our medically assisted detox program not only addresses the physical symptoms of withdrawal but also provides psychological support to help patients cope with the emotional aspects of addiction.

Our medically assisted program in San Francisco includes 24/7 medical supervision and monitoring, ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients at all times. We also offer a range of amenities and activities, including private rooms with internet access, yoga, massage sessions, swimming, and 12-step recovery meetings, to help patients relax and engage in positive activities during their detoxification process.

Our medically assisted detox program is just the first step in the recovery process. At Heartwood House Detox, we also provide individual and group therapy sessions, psychiatric care, and relapse prevention planning to help patients achieve long-term sobriety.

Experience has taught us that people dealing with drug or alcohol addiction cannot get their lives in order by themselves. Our medically assisted detox in San Francisco will allow you to regain control over your life and get your freedom back.

Contact Heartwood and ask to speak to an expert! We are ready to take your case and will work with you to solve your problems.