Detox Marin County
Detox in Marin County at Heartwood- an exclusive detox-only facility where you’ll find hope for a brand new future without addiction. Tour our house online and view our complete list of programs and optional therapies to keep you engaged and moving forward toward the completion of our program. A beautiful new future awaits you. Detox Marin County

Alcohol Detox Kansas City

Midwest Institute for Addiction

Find out why outpatient alcohol detox is Kansas City area’s most popular detox program by visiting Midwest Institution for Addiction online. We are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of detox in an outpatient atmosphere that allows our patients to live at home, work, and go to school while receiving treatment.

TMJ Therapy Brentwood

Reach out to our specialists from TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre regarding TMJ therapy in Brentwood. TMJ can cause headaches, jaw pain, snoring, and sleep problems when not addressed or correctly diagnosed. Through a sleep assessment, we can determine whether you’ll benefit from TMJ therapy and treatment.