Michael Dempsey

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Mike’s early roots began surfing on the beaches of Los Angeles and exploring the beautiful outdoors all over the West. By the time he turned sixteen, the business pursuit was fully recognized. His many years working in restaurants provided knowledge in various facets of service and management, and a degree in TV & Film from California State University Long Beach prepared him for a career in television advertising. Mike rose in TV Sales-Marketing at ABC Television, and quickly to management. Mike’s career took him to Chicago, Miami, LA, and eventually to reside long term, in the Bay Area. After almost 30 years in the corporate world, Mike turned toward a career path that derived from a desire to help others. His business suit was replaced with the extended hand of alcohol and addiction recovery. Mike’s mission is to combine his business expertise with his deep desire to help others find the same meaningful purpose that he first found, many years ago, in an addiction rehab facility. Mike believes that a deep desire to help others is a true value of success in any modern society.