Michael Dempsey

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Mike grew up in Southern California-Palos Verdes, and was very fortunate to call the beaches and coast his home. While surfing and the great outdoors provided lasting friendships and an early appreciation for all things California he quickly turned toward the working world. In his early teens that motivation led him to the restaurant business as he developed his various facets of service and management. University time focused his attention on a degree in TV and Film from Cal State University Long Beach and a young advertising and sales career took off. Mike rose in ranks at ABC Television and management soon after took him to positions in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and eventually settled in the Bay Area. By most outwardly appearances life seemed good, but the progression of his disease was taking a toll on ALL important aspects of his life. Along with professional help and relentless pursuit, he embraced a life of sobriety.

After 25+ years in the corporate world, Mike turned toward a career path that derived from a desire to help others who struggle with addiction. His mission was to combine his business background along with his drive to help others find the same meaningful purpose that he first found, many years ago in an addiction rehab facility. Mike feels the daily gift of sobriety is intended to be shared constantly, and any measured level of success comes from the ability to do just that. Heartwood Detox represents so much more than just a vocation. It has changed the progression of life’s journey in so many ways, and allowed for new healthy growth each day for clients and staff alike. Heartwood was founded on the core principles of healing the body, mind, and spirit in a kind and compassionate setting. Find what we found.