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After years of struggling with advanced addiction to drugs, you finally realized your friends and family are right. You need help quickly, but you don’t know where to turn. Contact the professionals at Safe Harbor Recovery Center. We are a highly regarded Virginia Beach rehab that can design a treatment plan to help you find lasting sobriety.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is a disorder of one’s brain. By taking drugs, a person alters their brain’s reward center. Once the brain only feels a reward from taking drugs, the addicted individual believes the only way they can continue to feel that reward is from drug use. The high that an addicted individual feels is similar to that of a compulsive gambler. This is the reason why both qualify as addictions in the eyes of the medical community.

An addiction to drugs takes a massive toll on the life of the addicted person and their family and friends. In addition, there is also a financial toll, since drug use is an expensive habit. Addicted indivdiduals also struggle to maintain a job, so bills begin to pile up. They withdraw from family and friends and steal from them and others to fuel their habit. Addiction destroys lives and ruins families.

How Do You Cure Drug Addiction?

There is no cure for drug addiction. Once someone is an addict, they are for the rest of their life. The changes made to the brain during the addiction process are never truly undone. Treatment and therapy help an addicted individual uncover what drives them to use, but they can never restore the mind to its original state.

However, similar to other chronic conditions, drug addictions are manageable. Treatment is ongoing for life. There may always be cravings and temptations. Skills learned in treatment and therapy help an addicted person cope and learn how to both avoid and navigate situations where the potential to use arises. Someone can go back and forth between sobriety and addiction for the rest of their lives. An addicted individual may have multiple stays at a Virginia Beach rehab.

Causes for Addiction

Scientists have studied addiction in-depth and found there could be multiple factors involved. Many studies suggest there is a genetic component involved in addiction. Simply put, they feel some brains are just wired to become addicted to pleasurable stimuli easier than others. Environmental factors are another cause of addiction. If a child suffers from continuous exposure to drugs and the turmoil caused by drug use, they are susceptible to addiction.

A primary factor mentioned by addicted individuals is that they took drugs as an escape during a traumatic time in their life. While drugs helped them cope and temporarily forget their pain, that brief reprieve created their addiction. After some time, they found themselves unable to stop.

Deciding that you no longer want to be in the grips of addiction is a momentous first step, and you should be proud! We want to make sure you cross that finish line to sobriety. Contact Safe Harbor Recovery Center, a Virginia Beach rehab, for your custom treatment plan. 

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