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Addiction to video games affects many people. Research shows that 15 percent of gamers have gone to gaming addiction treatment and counseling centers. The disorder can have detrimental consequences to those suffering from it. The signs and symptoms are a bit hard to recognize.

Types of Video Game Addictions

There are two types of video games, so there are two video game addictions. A single-player plays classic video games with a clear goal, such as a rescue mission. Addiction in these games is usually related to surpassing a high score or completing the mission.

The other type of video game requires multiplayer games. Such games with several players are addictive as they have no end. Gamers who are addicted enjoy creating and temporary being fictional characters. It is common for them to build relationships with other players to escape reality; at this point, therapy for gamers is necessary.

 Causes of Video Addiction

According to our video game addiction therapist in New Jersey, the primary reason why video games are addictive is that they are designed to be that way. Video game designers are business people looking to profit and stay in business by ensuring more people play their games. They create a challenging game to keep you coming back and not so difficult so that the gamer finally gives up. Success for a gamer usually feels out of reach, and therefore it becomes like a fascination of trying to succeed.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction Problem

Video game addiction, just like other forms of addiction, has warning signs. The signs might be hard to miss if you are not too keen. When symptoms manifest both physically and emotionally, it is time for an Internet video game addiction rehabilitation center.

Emotional signs include feeling restless when unable to play. Gamers who are addicted lie to friends and family about gaming time. People suffering from addiction may be preoccupied with thoughts of the previous game or anticipating the next game.

Physical symptoms of video game addiction include migraines and eye pain from the intense concentration on the screen. Players can show signs of fatigue from the endless hours of playing. Some gamers have poor hygiene since their lives revolve around sitting and gaming. It is common for gamers with addiction to suffer carpal tunnel syndrome due to the constant use of the controller or mouse.

Effects of Video game addiction

As with other forms of addiction, it can have severe consequences. The symptoms usually start as short-term effects, but they can progress to extreme long-term results when you do not get help. Gamers suffering from addiction may avoid sleeping or eating a balanced diet to continue gaming. The short-term effect may be fatigue and hunger, but the long-term impact can cause sleep disorders and food-related health problems.

Gamers who tend to isolate themselves from others to satisfy the urge to play may end up missing events and essential functions. If this pattern continues, they may find themselves with no friends. The long-term effects of video game addiction are the academic, financial, and occupational consequences. Addicted gamers can end up spending lots of money on gaming equipment and high-speed internet, leaving them with no time to focus on their career or even education.

If you or your loved one exhibits such signs, it is time to get them compulsive video game therapy. Please contact CTRLCare behavioral health at 609-237-0088 for admission details.

Video Gaming Therapy New Jersey

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Video Gaming Therapy New Jersey

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