Ventura County sober living

It is safe to assume that you are aware of the struggles of recovery if you already know the struggles of addiction. Drug abuse recovery is a one-way street because you can never really go back to your original state, but you can follow the recovery journey to come out with your best version. The first step towards setting yourself up for success is to choose halfway homes will all the right conditions you need for treatment. 

Our sober living home specializes in giving you a comfortable stay during the delicate transition into independent and healthy living. How do we make sure to have the right features and qualities to support your recovery journey?

An overview of our sober living home

Ultimate safety

The reputable facility has a well-maintained space for residents because it keeps up with all safety protocols in and around the grounds. Generally, you will feel and notice the clean and neat interior when you walk into the space, walk around the grounds, or inspect the living quarters. We take things further by ensuring the bathrooms and kitchens are clean and all areas around the facility have adequate lighting to discourage prohibited activities.

We do not allow individuals to get into personal scuffles like intimidation or antisocial conduct because it slows recovery. Instead, our staff will intervene to help you work through any emotional or mental conflicts and interact with people in a healthy and rewarding manner.

Reasonable admission standards

It does seem that residents who come into rehab should already know the rules of admission, but this assumption is not always the case. We expect all our residents to be inactive when they check into the facility and go through every item and check up to make sure they meet our standards. These steps help us maintain a harmonious environment for all residents and helping newbies to have a fast mind shift towards health.

Privacy provisions

Residents at Bloom Recovery are entitled to safety and privacy to protect their personal space and integrity. This case means you will have separate bathrooms and sleeping spaces for different genders, so each one remains off-limits from other people’s intimate spaces.


Every sober living home must have a structure and rules to make everyone understand how to govern their daily life. We have reasonable halfway house directory rules that maintain a pleasant living space and include chores, rules of the code of conduct, and privileges that ease life. The house administrator conducts themselves in a professional and friendly manner, to protect residents and make sure they are comfortable with the code of ethics at all times. Our staff follows the following rules to support a healthy environment:

  • We do not falsify any test results to help you pass a governmental requirement.
  • Our staff do not undertake personal interests in residents
  • The financial team follows through with their financial obligation to keep the house running in excellent condition
  • All staff employ proper training lessons to give you the medical or non-medical help you need

There are thousands of aftercare centers, and only a few will care for all your needs. Contact us online for more information on our recovery treatment programs and recovery homes.

Ventura County sober living

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Ventura County sober living

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