Shrink Sleeve Labels

Get the Best Labeling for Your Bottle Pumps and Sprayers

One of the biggest challenges for marketers to stand out in the marketplace is when liquid products must be labeled and packaged in sprayers, cans, and bottles. Typically, traditional labeling consists of a paper label, which makes little difference to the competition.

However, there is an extraordinary alternative that you can use to put your bottle pumps and sprayers in the spotlight: shrink sleeves. If you market products in this type of packaging, you should be aware of this alternative, so that you know how it will give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

What are Shrink Sleeves?

This is a 360° label that completely covers the container, whether it is a bottle, a can, or a sprayer. The label is made of a shrinkable film that adheres to the container through heat. The great advantage of these labels is that they give the possibility to use the entire surface of the container to create an impact with the label design. Also, the film material and printing technologies allow for glossy, impactful, and unique finishes. This helps the product to have a simply spectacular visual impact.

Reasons to Use Shrink Sleeves

It is incredible the universe of advertising possibilities that the use of a 360° space along the entire length of the package allows. Besides, the digital printing of these labels provides consistency in appearance, regardless of the amount of product you want to place in the market. The printers use up to 8-color technologies, putting these labels a universe ahead of paper printing.

The film along the entire length of the package not only highlights the advertising but also protects the containers, especially glass containers. Printing films such as PETG, for example, provide glossy and impactful finishes, which attract consumers’ attention and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Types of Shrink Sleeves

This label offers marketers different alternatives to make a difference, due to its versatility of use. You can use a single product shrink sleeve for your sprayers, cans, jars, or bottles. You can also use the label to group different products, to promote them through promotional packs and combos.

How Are these Labels Used?

Keep in mind that the film on which the product information is printed is heat shrinkable. This means that once the sprayer or bottle is placed inside the label, it will adhere to the product at a temperature that depends on the type of film used. A great advantage of this labeling is that it offers the possibility of packaging both the container and its cap. This allows you to provide a guarantee to the buyer that the container has not been opened or used. This way you can increase customer confidence and maximize the chances of a sale.

Are they Cost-Effective?

Traditional labeling of bottled products usually involves 3 imprints: front label, back label, and cap. By using shrink sleeves technology, you can identify the entire product in one step, making it a truly competitive option.

Get the Leading Sleeves for Your Bottle Pumps and Sprayers

It’s time to put your products at the forefront of your target markets with Consolidated Strategy Group. We are California’s benchmark company, with state-of-the-art digital technologies and the most outstanding creative team for your shrink sleeves. We’re ready to make your products look like a rock-star. Call or contact us to discuss your custom packaging needs.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

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Shrink Sleeve Labels

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