Lipo Laser Procedure Clearwater

Discover the pain-free Lipo Laser procedure in Clearwater from Flawless by Inathe when you want a safe and effective way to lose weight, remove fat deposits, and get rid of cellulite naturally. Our FL weight loss clinic is committed to meeting your MedSpa needs without invasive procedures, such as injections, fillers, or surgery. Our process involves sound wave technology and your body’s own lymphatic system to remove unwanted fat. Read more about our Laser Lipo weight loss procedure online or contact our staff from Flawless for more information.

Lipo Laser- How Does It Work?

Unlike expensive and invasive treatments that only offer short-term results, Lipo Laser from Flawless offers permanent fat removal, making it one of the best weight loss deals in the state. Our procedure begins with an evaluation of the area that you want to be treated, followed by ultrasound cavitation that breaks down fat painlessly and harmlessly using sound saves.

Step Two

Here’s where our Lipo Laser differs from liposuction, which uses a tube to suction out fat; our process uses lipo laser paddles that trigger a chemical reaction in fat cells to break down stored triglycerides. This relaxing 30-minute process is ideal for napping, reading, or catching up on a podcast. If you’ve ever undergone painful liposuction, you’ll agree with our clients that our process is the best laser weight loss program around.

Step Three

The final step in our Lipo Laser procedure in Clearwater involves the removal of fats and toxins through lymphatic drainage, a natural process that your body performs when correctly stimulated. This last process takes an hour and involves nothing more than relaxation on your part while your body loses inches during your first session.

Continued Fat Removal

After one or two laser lipo treatments, you’ll see exceptional results; since the treatment continues working after you leave our office, you’ll lose additional weight and inches during the week following each session in our office. We recommend specific Treatment Packages to achieve your goals:

  • 4 Treatments: $1,210
  • 6 Treatments: $1,630
  • 8 Treatments: $2,050
  • 10 Treatments: $2,560

Target Areas For Fat Loss

Our Lipo Laser procedure in Clearwater can target the following areas of your body:

  • Legs
  • Flabby arms
  • Cellulite
  • Muffin top
  • Belly
  • Back fat
  • Bra fat

Each Lipo Laser Package includes all of the following perks:

  • Thyroid Discovery Session to discover whether you suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Sleep Discovery Consultation to find out if we can improve your quality of sleep
  • Discounted massage
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Sugar Scrub for treatments

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals- Naturally

Read about the state of the art technology used in our treatments when you explore our website; check out case studies of our patients to see how our treatments have worked for others; enjoy informative blog posts and articles that will give you the confidence to try our safe and effective Lipo Laser procedure. Call to schedule your first appointment today or email our staff for more information. Through our process, you can lose weight without undergoing painful or invasive treatments or surgery.

Lipo Laser Procedure Clearwater

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Lipo Laser Procedure Clearwater

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