Jaw Pain Calabasas

Are you living with jaw pain in Calabasas? TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre can provide lasting relief from jaw pain when you contact our TMJ treatment facility at 805-496-5700. There are many reasons why you might be experiencing jaw pain; an accurate diagnosis goes a long way toward finding a treatment that works for you. Pain may originate in the jaw area but may radiate to the temples or facial muscles, causing pain when you speak, chew, swallow, eat, or make certain facial expressions. Get in touch with our staff today to find relief from TMJ.

5 Medical Conditions That Have Jaw Pain as a Symptom

1. Teeh grinding is a major cause of jaw pain; also referred to as bruxism, grinding and clenching can cause a host of problems that include jaw pain and tooth erosion, to name just two. Finding the right jaw pain treatment starts with looking more closely at other symptoms aside from the jaw pain itself. When you schedule a visit to TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, we’ll help you get to the root cause of your pain.

2. Arthritis in the bone can cause pain in various areas of the body. If you have a history of arthritis in your knee, shoulder, wrist, or back, an MRI can provide conclusive evidence of arthritic issues with your jaw. If you’ve ruled out the possibility of arthritis, the next step in addressing your jaw pain in Calabasas is to give our TMJ Centre a call.

3. Stress can cause the jaw to unnaturally clench during particularly stressful moments throughout the day or when trying to sleep at night. Stress-induced jaw pain treatment could include natural supplements or over-the-counter medications that relieve stress and help you stay calm at work and at home. Our staff at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre can help you determine whether your jaw pain is due to stress; we will also assist you in determining whether you are a good candidate for treatment for TMJ disorder.

4. A jaw or head injury can lead to severe jaw and neck pain. TMJ treatment may be able to greatly improve your quality of life and relief some or all of your jaw pain; Calabasas TMJ specialists from our facility can set up a consultation visit when you’re ready to find relief.

5. Certain dental procedures can lead to jaw pain. If you’ve recently seen an oral surgeon and developed severe jaw pain as a result of your procedure, you may need to see a TMJ specialist to diagnose your condition and work with you to find an effective treatment. TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre can determine the right treatment for you.

Most doctors don’t know about TMJ and fail to provide their patients with the right treatment plan to address jaw & neck pain, headaches, ear congestion, difficulty swallowing, tinnitus, and many other associated issues. Our TMJ specialists are committed to helping you live a life free from jaw pain; feel free to contact us today to schedule your first appointment at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre.

Jaw Pain Calabasas