Once you fall victim to substance addiction, your entire life will change. At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we offer you the chance to bring everything back to normal again. Chemical addiction classifies as a mental disorder, and its implications are grim in the long run.

Many people end up losing the support of the loved ones, bury themselves in financial problems, and develop co-occurring disorders as a result. If you’re experiencing similar problems, you need to come to our Halfway House in Delray Beach fast! Here, we provide you with all the support you need to defeat the disease and achieve a lifetime of sobriety.

If you’re new to the rehab industry, here is what you can expect:

Targeted detox program

The purpose of the detoxification process is to alleviate the manifestations of the disease and help you move past the withdrawal stage. We use personalized detox programs, where the procedure will function based on data about your clinical profile. The preliminary analysis will reveal information about the substance you’re using, the intensity of the addiction, co-occurring disorders, withdrawal symptoms, etc.

Everyone goes through the same process, allowing our clinicians to build a patient-oriented rehab program for immediate and long-lasting benefits. The results will appear almost immediately:

  • Lowering the pain and the discomfort during the cold turkey
  • Diminishing the symptoms of the withdrawal
  • Reducing the cravings
  • Stabilizing your behavior and emotional display
  • Fighting against the co-occurring disorders
  • Reducing the tendencies towards aggression, apathy, or depression
  • Cleansing the body of toxins, etc.

Psychotherapeutic support

Substance addiction is a disease of the mind before anything else. At our Halfway House in Delray Beach, we provide comprehensive psychotherapeutic support as part of the long-term rehab treatment. This is what differentiates us apart from your conventional detox clinics in the industry.

Medication is not enough to bring you from the brink of destruction. To recover in full, you need permanent mental and emotional support, both during the rehab treatment and long after. What most people don’t realize is that the rehabilitation process is often a lifetime commitment.

We offer private counseling sessions, group therapy, family support, education, and recreative activities, to stabilize your mental functioning and enlighten the spirit. The outpatient program will allow us to offer long-term aftercare as well if you consider it necessary.

Relapse prevention

When considering preventing the relapse over the years, no medication strategy will help you. If you’re determined to remain sober for the rest of your life, you need to adopt significant lifestyle changes. Our experienced clinicians will teach you all you need to know about:

  • Adopting healthier eating habits
  • Developing new passions and hobbies
  • Working towards a lifetime career
  • Avoiding the social triggers and identifying the early signs of relapse
  • Repairing your marriage and bringing your family together
  • Increasing your self-esteem and growing more confident about yourself

Come to our Halfway House in Delray Beach and let’s begin the rehab program! Delray Beach Halfway Houses offer you the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. You can’t afford to pass it!

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