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Functional Medicine in Irvine, California: An Emerging Alternative Treatment in the Local Sports Industry

Functional medicine may still be far off from being considered in the mainstream medical world, but it is slowly inching its way into the minds of every athlete in Irvine, California. A branch of integrative medicine, functional medicine is a purely science-based approach to the treatment of various ailments. Not only is it an integrative process, but also provides a holistic approach targeting the whole person and not just the symptoms of his condition.

With several well-known personalities lauding the principles of functional medicine, more and more sports-minded people are becoming aware of how this type of approach.  At Perform Health Wellness, we offer functional medicine in Irvine, California which greatly contrasts with the conventional methods we have grown to be familiar with. 

People with chronic ailments, for instance, are reaping much of the benefits of functional medicine because of the way it focuses on the totality of the person. More than just a branch of holistic and integrative treatment, functional medicine deeply touches on the functions of the body and mind to promote its optimal performance. 

The holistic treatment process addresses underlying issues contributing to the disease and not the physical manifestations presented by the condition.

Genetic and Biochemical Differences Greatly Influences the Therapeutic Approach

Unlike traditional medicine where everyone gets the same type of medication for a particular condition, functional medicine takes into consideration a person’s biochemical and genetic makeup. This means that not everyone gets the same type of therapy and regimen. Treating the person and not the disease is the primary goal of functional medicine.

How this works is not through the medication process, but with the body’s mechanism of healing. Supporting the immune system and generating a healthier lifestyle is what functional medicine is about. It lessens dependence on drugs and incorporates healthy approaches to target the wholeness of a person and not the disease directly.

A Patient-centered Treatment That Involves the Body’s Self-Regulation Mechanism

One of the significant differences between the traditional treatment method of curing disease and functional medicine is its focus on the cause. While conventional medicine tends to lay its eyes on the cure through prescribed drugs, functional medicine focuses on why you had the problem in the first place. Addressing the initial cause and changing all the other factors affecting your habits ensures that you get a holistic treatment for your disease.

Treating your whole body and not just the noticeable symptoms is what functional medicine focuses on. Not only that, but because our body has its healing mechanism, making it stable and more vigorous aids in fighting not just the disease you are experiencing, but a whole lot of other conditions associated with your lifestyle.

Functional Medicine Looks Into Every Little Aspect of Your Life and Changes Them

Functional medicine believes that a person suffers from an ailment because of their lifestyle, history, and physiology. Not relying on medications alone, functional medicine takes into consideration all of these aspects and focuses on preventions techniques integrating your mind, body, and spirit. It also tries to consider the environmental aspects of your life that affect your wellness and daily functions. 

Perform Health Wellness offers functional medicine in Irvine, Ca. To learn more about this integrative approach, simply give us a call

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