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Drug addiction is a serious problem that not only affects the victim but also their loved ones. Hence once you have decided to get rid of substance abuse you need to search for good rehab that practices evidence-based therapy for drug treatment in San Diego.

A drug treatment rehab in San Diego that claims the program is evidence-based means it is scientifically sound and a lot of research has been done. Such programs are proven successful and promote long-term sobriety. Although no drug rehab program can guarantee lifetime recovery. A successful drug treatment program practiced evidenced-based therapy, proper medication, and supervision under trained professionals. Moreover, a strong commitment is another crucial thing that leads to more chances of successful recovery and least chances of relapse.

Why Evidence-based Therapy Is The Best Treatment For Drug Addiction?

There are various evidence-based methods used as an addiction treatment in San Diego. They help in different ways to bring patients out of substance abuse and other co-existing issues. Here is how different techniques are used to treat drug addiction.

1) Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy:

This therapy works in a form of a series of individual as well as group sessions. It is used to treat drug addiction by amending attitudes and behaviors. It works based on three key ideas:

  • Acceptance: This focuses on the acceptance of drug addiction disease.
  • Willingness: Once you have accepted that it is a serious and chronic disease that is killing you from inside, it is easy to develop an interest in giving up. Willingness plays a crucial role in the successful recovery.
  • Active Involvement: It is another aspect of this therapy that refers to an active meeting in which patients are asked to attend meetings to keep them on track and focus. These steps help drug addicts to stay firm and work for a free drug addiction life. Therefore it is correct to say evidence-based therapies are the best treatment.

2) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR):

Often drug and alcohol addiction is a result of underlying causes. Therefore to treat drug addiction completely, identifying and treating the underlying cause is very important. To treat these co-occurring problems like depression, trauma and anxiety EMDR is one of the ideal psychotherapy treatments. For this purpose, continuous and repetitive eye and movement exercises are done. For incredible alcohol treatment in San Diego reach Psyclarity Health.

3) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

In this therapists talk to the addicts and reveal the negative thoughts and emotions that are triggering them. They help to change them. As an evidence-based therapy, drug addicts are made to learn how to cope with stressful situations, emotions, feelings, loss, and other traumatic life experiences. This has made a huge and effective impact on drug addiction treatment.

4) Interactive Journaling:

Interactive journaling refers to the written form in which a patient is exposed to self-reflection. This helps patients to think about their substance abuse and current situation. This will aid in altering it by changing behavior, finding purpose and meaning to life for future progress.

5) Motivational Interviewing:

This type of therapy aids in motivating clients. They guide on the benefits of sober life, the negative and contradictory ideas that are rounded with drug addiction, demeanor, and attitudes.

All these therapies are best to bring a drug addict to normal life. They are proven successful in promoting sober life. At Psyclarity Health you can get help with numerous evidence-based therapies that address your individual needs. Reach us and get help from the best San Diego drug rehab center. Tour our facility and verify your insurance today. 855-920-5310

drug treatment san Diego

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drug treatment san Diego

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