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Causes of Drug Addiction

Are you searching for the causes of drug addiction online? There’s a lot of conflicting information on the Web, so it’s important to be selective when choosing a resource. Alcohol Services is a free online resource designed to make it easy to find the information you need to make an informed decision when deciding if you or someone close to you needs help to overcome an addiction. We encourage you to bookmark our blog and come back as often as you like to continue your search for the truth about drug addiction and recovery programs available to you.

What Leads to Drug Addiction?

Genetics certainly plays a factor when it comes to addiction; however, there is an even bigger factor at play- childhood trauma. Negative experiences in the early years can set the stage for addiction. These experiences can be ones that are particularly stressful or ones that cause emotional or physical pain. Examples of childhood trauma include:

  • Sexual, physical, or verbal abuse
  • A lack of supervision, close contact, or love
  • Having been a witness to violence
  • Family addiction
  • Parental divorce or repeated separation

Our list is not complete- many additional factors can play a role in causing an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction

Being accepted by peers is a major reason why young people so often find solace from stressful or hurtful memories in drugs and alcohol. The teenage brain is not yet fully developed or able to make rational decisions to the extent that the mature brain is able to, therefore, participating in an activity that has negative long-term effects may not seem dangerous at the time. The addictive nature of drugs and alcohol is no respecter of personality, age, or gender.

Reasons Why People Use Drugs

We’ll lay genetic predisposition aside, for now, and focus more on personal responsibility and individual reasons for choosing to use drugs or drink to excess:

  1. Social norms and how use of drugs and alcohol are viewed in the home are significant factors that influence young people when it comes to using.
  2. Having too much time available or access to excess money can make it easier to obtain drugs and alcohol.
  3. Impulsive Personality Disorder has been identified as a big risk factor; this type of person has typically not been taught the value of delayed gratification.
  4. Self medication is a prominent reason to many of our young people today are using and abusing drugs and alcohol; they, at least, dull the emotions temporarily and make coping with emotional suffering somewhat bearable.
  5. The lie that participating in drug use or drinking cures loneliness is perhaps one of the main reasons why older people start using drugs or drinking to excess.

No one chooses to become an addict; it takes time to develop bad habits and cultivate them from habits to addictions. Alcohol Services can clear up a lot of misconceptions and myths about alcohol addiction, causes of drug addiction, and steps toward lifelong recovery from addiction.