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Catheters supplies Orlando

A steady supply of catheters delivered directly to your door is a great way to avoid unnecessary public travel. At a precarious time, online medical supply companies offer hope. Save time and stay safe with

What do I need to know about catheters?

There are many types of Catheters on the market. These devices are vital to the health of many Americans. Keeping a stock of catheters is lifesaving.

You should always make sure that your catheters are clean and come from a qualified source. These devices enter your body. The use of non-medical grade catheters has serious consequences for your health.

How often can I reuse my catheters?

Anything you stick in your body should be clean. Catheters are no different. Throw your catheter out after use.

Even a thorough wash does not guarantee your health. These devices are used to expel urine. Research shows that 67% of catheters remain dirty after attempts at sanitization. Therefore, the FDA declared catheters to be single-use devices.

Pathogens left behind after sanitization included E. Coli, viruses, and bacteria. You could easily catch a urinary tract infection. There is no reason to expose yourself to such risks.

Which type of catheter do I need?

There are different types of catheters to use depending on your needs. Consult with a doctor to find the device that works for you.

The types of tubes available include:

  • Indwelling catheters that stay inside the body for an extended period
  • Intermittent catheter inserted into the urethra for quick use
  • Hydrophilic catheters that make removal and insertion easy

Intermittent catheterization is preferred to minimize the risk of infection. Reach out to your health care professional before deciding on the type to purchase.

Do I need a doctor’s note to increase my prescription of catheters?

Catheter prescriptions, as with other medical supplies, give you access to a limited amount of these lifesaving devices. You may need more since they are single use.

Send a note to us to increase the number of urinary supplies you receive each month. Urinary catheter supplies are a humanitarian necessity.

How many catheters does my insurance cover?

Most forms of insurance cover a month’s supply of catheters or at least 100. If you are on Medicaid or Medicare, you are 100 percent covered.

Anyone over the age of 65 should apply to receive Medicare to cover expenses. There is no reason to let poor insurance keep you from receiving these vital supplies.

Monthly Catheter Supplies in Orlando

Having catheter supplies in Orlando gives you time to be concerned with other issues. Stay safe with a month-long supply of devices delivered to your door. My Caths offers inexpensive shipping and accessories such as leg bags so that you do not need to risk traveling to a medical supply store.

As a necessary medical supply, these devices are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most forms of insurance. Get in touch with us today or have your doctor contact us to establish your supply of catheters and supplies.

Catheters supplies Orlando