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People struggling with addictions have it hard; not only that they need to live with the stigma of drug/alcohol addiction, but they also find it difficult to recover and heal.

At a glance, we may not understand why it's tricky to select a program and stick to it. Should you take a look at the offer, you're going to be overwhelmed by the high number of rehabs available. It's both a blessing and a curse to have many options, and people with addiction get confused when having to choose between the best rehabs.

How do the best rehabs stand out?

Many aspects give the value and quality of a rehab program. Some provide inpatient treatment, which usually is for treating people with a high level of addiction. Outpatient programs are also a reliable choice for people living at home who participate in regular counseling sessions and therapy groups.

The quality of amenities and services is significant too. Some of the best rehabs out there will impress their clients with the pampering amenities and services, which is why patients at the Holistic Sanctuary benefit from private rooms with private bathroom, organic linens, daily access to GYM or Spa, and even regular massages.

There are no two clients alike, and no two addictions the same, so personalized treatment becomes a necessity when it comes to rehab treatment. The team of professionals from various areas of expertise will analyze every patient entering the Holistic Sanctuary. They will also create and develop rehab treatment for every single patient, according to one's level of addiction, personality, and specifics.

Even if many rehabs will provide a variety of therapies for treating their patients, it's only the best rehabs that create personalized programs for every patient. Additionally, patients at the Holistic Sanctuary have the chance to benefit from the most impressive and innovative protocols. Detox is done with natural therapies and substances, alleviating the withdrawal symptoms and not posing a risk for developing an addiction to the detox substances. Stem cell therapy, HBOT therapy, but also yoga, meditation, or sacred plant medicine, are some of the numerous therapies utilized for natural and comprehensive treatment of patients at the Holistic Sanctuary.

Are there several types of drug addiction treatments?

Even if there are several types of drug and alcohol addiction treatments, only two are major: inpatient and outpatient programs.

Inpatient drug/alcohol addiction treatment

Also known as the “residential drug rehab,” the inpatient drug addiction treatment means that the patient lives in the rehab facility for a while. Typically, men and women dealing with the same kind of problem live side-by-side.

Detox, counseling, and aftercare are the typical steps to take for their recovery. Inpatient drug addiction rehab is the best choice for people who need to focus exclusively on their recovery.

Professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary focus on discovering the causes of addiction and bringing the brain to the pre-addiction status. The process cannot happen in 28 days, and it takes time for people to change a habit and create new patterns. Our patients identify the deep roots of their addiction, but they also learn new and healthy ways of dealing with everyday life.

There are numerous inpatient centers, but only some of them will provide privacy and intimacy one needs for healing. At our center, only six patients are admitted simultaneously, while 24/7 professional supervision is provided. Patients benefit from private rooms with private bathrooms, fantastic amenities, daily access to Spa, gym, and massages. Organic and non-GMO food is ensured so that their bodies get the healthy nutrients required for complete healing. 

Outpatient drug/alcohol addiction treatment

The outpatient drug rehab program includes several elements from inpatient care, but the patients don't spend the night at the facility.

Since the patients don't spend 24/7 at the rehab facility, the outpatient drug addiction programs take a longer time than the outpatient alternatives.

The team of professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary considers that only taking physical and mental distance from the familiar environment gives long-lasting results. People need to focus exclusively on their addiction and healing, which can only be done throughout inpatient rehabs.

What are other types of best rehabs out there?

As we’ve mentioned, there are several kinds of alcohol rehabs to choose from, and the “niche” category addresses people with specific needs or lifestyle. Here are some examples:

  • Teen drug rehabs

The reasons for which teens and adolescents will develop drug and alcohol dependencies differ from those of adults. Therefore, the methods and therapies addressing teens are different from the ones used for adults.

  • Dual diagnosis

Unfortunately, it's common for some people with addiction to also deal with co-occurring mental sicknesses. They present a higher risk, so specialized care with psychiatric counseling and specific addiction treatment is required. The best rehab programs will provide help for them too.

Unlike other rehabs, psychologists and psychiatrists at the Holistic Sanctuary work together with Yogi, shamans, nutritionists, life coaches, and complementary medicine practitioners for addressing the co-occurring mental conditions. No chemical substances or prescribed medicines are accepted or used within our center. Only natural elements and methods are used for managing and treating patients with co-occurring mental issues.

  • Holistic centers

Many rehab programs rely on complementary therapies for helping their patients. Yoga, meditation, nutritional counseling, and acupuncture are only some of the many methods used.

You should consider getting professional help from one of the top best rehabs in the world if you're dealing with advanced substance abuse or mental health issues. You don't need to go any further looking for a perfect world-class rehab because The Holistic Sanctuary is here to help you.

The methods are natural, but the general principle on healing ensures addressing and healing patients on an emotional, physical, and psychological level. The team is comprised of professionals from various areas of expertise, with doctors, nurses, but also Yogi or shamans as members. It takes a village to raise a child and the efforts of professionals from various health care domains to treat people with addictions for complete healing.

What factors matter the most when picking a rehab center?

Below are some critical factors to consider when looking for the ideal rehab program for yourself or a loved one:

  • Clinical assessment and evaluations
  • Methods of treatments and therapies
  • Duration of the treatment program
  • Success rate
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Rehab center accreditation and certification
  • Treatment team qualifications and experience
  • The facility reputation and online reviews
  • Types of amenities and services
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Program cost
  • Aftercare support planning

A quick internet search will give you myriads of different options for substance abuse and mental health treatment. It's essential to note that not all rehab programs are the same. When looking for a reliable treatment center to efficiently support your recovery, be sure to consider the above factors to make the right decision.

The fantastic qualities of the amenities, various therapies, or healthy and organic food utilized at the Holistic Sanctuary turn it into one of the best options for addressing your addiction. Even the smallest details, such as organic linens, count for recovery, and the team at our center sure doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to healing.

What are the benefits of joining a highly-rated rehab center?

There're numerous benefits to joining an addiction and mental health treatment center. The most significant advantage of checking into a rehabilitation center is getting the suffering individuals off drugs and alcohol and giving them skills to live a life free from addiction.

Besides that, the following are more undeniable benefits of entering one of the luxurious and top best rehabs in the world:

  • Stable environment
  • Beautiful and peaceful locale
  • Spa or resort-like feel
  • Excellent client to staff ratio
  • Most advanced and effective treatment and therapy options
  • Uncovering and treating the underlying causes of addiction
  • Access to recreational and entertainment activities
  • Delicious and healthy meals
  • 24/7 professional support and supervision
  • New sober friendships
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Peer support
  • Privacy
  • Access to high-end amenities
  • Clean and spacious guest rooms
  • Real results

What are the signs that you need to join our top-rated rehab center?

Every person's experience with substance abuse and mental health problems is unique. However, we advise those struggling with addiction and psychological issues to seek admission in our world-class rehabilitation center to get proper help to overcome their condition:

  • Intense cravings
  • Your health is suffering.
  • Loss of interest in some life activities
  • Drug and alcohol have become your priority.
  • Family, friends, colleagues have requested you to make a change in your life
  • You u Best Rehabs In California