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Arizona Recovery Center

Our facilities are addiction treatment centers in Arizona, ranked as one of the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the country. Choosing our rehab facility is a great decision, one that requires you to be prepared so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Values such as quality of service, dedication to duty by our staff, and our patients’ utmost care are a few of the sterling qualities you would expect to experience during your treatment. If you are planning rehabilitation at our facilities, here are some of the things you would encounter.

  • As a Detox patient

Detoxification is the first step to a total rehabilitation that offers all the necessary drug and alcohol abuse treatments. Detox being the first step, helps to flush out all toxins and dangerous substances deposited into the body system. It also aids the patient to stay away firmly from drug and substance abuse.

Psychological is the most crucial routine to treat a long-term addiction to ensure a lasting and permanent recovery.

When you start your detox treatment at our facility, a therapist is assigned to you personally. Your therapist works with you and guides you through the journey of rehabilitation without prejudice or judging you. Confidentiality is paramount and respected at our Arizona drug and alcohol rehabs; therefore, all your information is private and cannot be shared with anyone outside your treatment professionals, not even family members.

During your detox treatment, the facility puts in place measures to manage your withdrawal symptoms and aids you through withdrawal in a healthy and safe environment full of professionals working just for you. Our rehabilitation centers in Arizona offers the best to detox patients by making them feel safe and cared for.

  • As an inpatient

In addition to your treatment, our patients are equipped with life skills valuable for treating and preparing for life without drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

Following residential inpatient treatment, we offer a continued aftercare program of up to 9 weeks, which is put in place to manage your treatment better and provide continued support. While you are with us, we also offer outdoor recreational activities such as art therapy, music therapy, kayaking, etc., which can help deal with withdrawal symptoms and prevent a relapse.

While still in the inpatient treatment, you would be exposed to both group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions, which work hand in hand. You are further encouraged when you see others who can relate to your struggle of rehabilitation.

A holistic approach is always an essential form of our inpatient treatment, where we focus on our patient’s mind, body, and soul to maintain complete abstinence.

With the aid of our group therapy sessions, our Arizona recovery center helps build a strong network of support groups who can check up on each other to ensure continuous abstinence.

Are you looking for addiction treatment in AZ? You could choose one of our facilities. As you are guaranteed a safe and healthy environment to detoxify yourself, purify your mind, soul, and body, and also get the best treatment and care as you struggle to win the fight against addiction and substance abuse. Contact us at Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox: 877-732-6837.

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