Live Free is the #1 sober living and alcohol rehab in NH with high-end amenities, state of the art facility, and highly rewarding addiction programs. We engage our residents in 12 step programs, weekly house meetings, and counseling with therapists from time to time to solidify their commitment to sobriety.

Who can live in a sober living house?

Sober living homes are ideal for those that are undergoing outpatient rehab treatment or are looking for an option to help them with the transition of living at an inpatient rehab to living independently. Sober living homes help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety after treatment by providing them with a stable, supportive, and controlled environment, so that individuals can focus on getting a job, finding a place to live, etc.

Individuals can stay anywhere from 30 – 90 days or more at a sober living home. They can come and go whenever they like, but have to abide by some of the house rules. It's ideal for those without a stable home and those who have relapsed in the past. We offer high-end sober living homes for those out of alcohol rehab in NH at affordable prices.

What can I expect in alcohol rehab?

Once you've identified the signs of alcoholism and are ready for treatment, programs at alcohol rehabs can differ from one facility to another. Nevertheless, in general, most rehab treatment begins with an admission and enrolment process. During this process, you will undergo a comprehensive physical and mental health examination by a clinical team. Based on your health status and medical goals, the clinical staff will devise a customized treatment plan to help you embrace sobriety.

After enrolment, you may or may not undergo medical detox based on the severity of your addiction and the co-occurring mental disorder. Detox can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days, during which a clinical team will closely monitor you for adverse physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Following detox, you will undergo counseling and psychotherapy sessions with a skilled therapist. You will also participate in group therapies, family therapy sessions, and support groups to help you regain control over your mind and body.

Ways to stay sober after alcohol rehab treatment

For starters, get rid of all those objects that remind you of your addiction days from your home. Try to build a new social circle and stay away from people who once encouraged the use of alcohol.

Recovering addicts need to exercise regularly to stay fit and build a structured routine. Make sure to eat a well-balanced meal and stay close to family members and loved ones. If you are concerned about your current living arrangement and are finding it triggering or stressful, find a sober living home near you to solidify your commitment to sobriety.

Contact Live Free today at 877.932.6757 or visit We are a highly effective alcohol rehab in NH with a sober living arrangement, and we specialize in helping recovering addicts get a job, lead a drug-free life, and practice a healthy lifestyle.

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